When trying to find innovation, look for the intersection of the physical and digital worlds


I remember my first forays onto the internet in the mid-’90s.

I could look at cars, buy airline tickets, and even see what other books people bought when I purchased the same book.  But there was barely a hint of confluence between the physical and the digital.

Today, the distinction between physical and digital is becoming a thing of the past. Today’s innovation is taking place at the very intersection of the digital and physical worlds. And it’s happening all around us, often led by chief marketing officers looking for new ways to differentiate their offerings.

What is digital-physical innovation?  In short, it’s the increasingly seamless merging of traditional offerings with new information technology capabilities to enhance the customer experience.

Take, for example, Tesco supermarkets in South Korea.  The company wanted to increase sales without creating more stores.  Tesco understood that Koreans work long hours and have little appetite for…

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